Daisy Lowe: I’m petrified of the dark

Daisy Lowe

Daisy Lowe was “terrified” when she was in Copenhagen on a modeling job – because it was so dark.

When asked about her biggest fear, the model explained that she gets scared at night when she is in unfamiliar places.

The brunette beauty recalled a trip to Northern Europe which left her petrified because her imagination ran wild in the darkness of her hotel room.

“My biggest fear is being alone in the dark in an unfamiliar place. I once went to Copenhagen for a modeling job. My hotel was this creepy old building and I couldn’t sleep all night I was so terrified. And I was traumatized after watching The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” she told British magazine Grazia.

Daisy also spoke about her weaknesses.

When asked how she could shock her fans, the Agent Provocateur star revealed that she gets stressed out easily.

“I’ve already been photographed naked, so there’s not really any shock factor left! I’m pretty OCD though. My friends call me OC-Daisy. I had a birthday party recently and at 2am I already had the dustpan and brush while I was dancing,” she revealed.

Talking about regrets, Daisy would like to be calmer and not stress out so much.

But the 22-year-old added that her imperfections make her the person she is, so she tries to accept them and stay positive.

“My biggest regret is overreacting in general. But I try to have a positive outlook and figure that I wouldn’t be the person I am without mistakes. If I could give any advice to my former self, I’d say relax and don’t freak out over small stuff,” she said.