David Gandy gives fashion advice to drivers

David Gandy, Photo Credit: Eamonn McCormack

David Gandy has advised men against wearing driving goggles.

The supermodel has given his top tips on how to look hot behind the wheel of a sports car. According to David, the main thing is to think about is your driving attire.

“If you insist on driving a supercar around town, don’t wear aviators while doing it. You won’t look like Maverick or Goose from Top Gun but there will be a few four-letter ‘call signs’ people will give you,” he told GQ.

David then admitted there are certain times when wearing goggles might be acceptable. They are extra special circumstances though, which he has clearly outlined.

“You are only allowed to wear driving gloves, goggles or a shearling aviator jacket if: 1. You are flying a Spitfire. 2. You are driving any type of Morgan or pre-Seventies classic car. 3. You are Paul Newman or James Dean. 4. You are Alan Partridge,” he laughed.

“Never ever, under any circumstances, put cushions on your back seat! Not even if designer Terence Conran tells you it’s OK.”