Erin O’Connor: Natural look is unusual

Erin O’Connor “grafts” in the gym, because that’s what it takes to maintain her figure.

Erin O’Connor

Erin O’Connor says models who are natural are now deemed “exotic”.

The British star was discovered when she was 17 and has worked steadily ever since. Now 34, she is amazed by how many industry professionals expect her to have gone under the surgeon’s knife.

“Designers and photographers were redefining beauty. The aesthetic perfection of the ‘80s supermodels began to die out and modeling became as much about personality and character and the attitude you projected as a woman,” she said of her beginnings in fashion.

“I go for castings and they screen me to see if I’ve had extra work done. To be in your natural state is somehow exotic now.”

Erin has taken some time out from modeling, making a comeback after around 18 months this year. She didn’t let her figure go though, explaining she works hard to maintain her physique.

“I go to the gym three time a week. It’s bl**dy hard work and I graft at it. I’ve always been elongated and skinny growing up but to keep that now is more difficult. To top that off, last year I was told I had high cholesterol. It is a hereditary condition that has thankfully leveled out without the need for medication or extreme lifestyle changes,” she told Amuse magazine.