Florence Welch enjoys ‘dramatic’ stage style

Florence Welch’s stylist likes the singer to express herself through her clothes at music festivals.

Florence Welch, Photo by Jonathan Hordle / Rex Features

Florence Welch’s stylist likes to help her express herself in a way she can’t “day to day.”

Aldene Johnson enjoys coming up with extravagant stage wear for the British singer. Her favorites are those outfits which are totally unlike what Florence would usually wear.

“When Florence played UK music festival Bestival in 2009 it was an outer space theme, so she wore a Ziggy Stardust-inspired green bodysuit,” she told Company magazine.

“You’re making a statement whenever you step out of that tent, so whether it’s a big feather head-dress, or dramatic make-up, a festival is the place to express yourself in a way you can’t day-to-day. Make sure it’s fun!”

Aldene has already started thinking about what fashion fans should wear while listening to outdoor music this year. Several key trends should make their way into your backpack, she says.

“Festival fashion always has staples – the denim cut-offs, the fringed kaftan, the welly. But this year, that whole Navajo bold print will show through. My tip? Throw yourself into a vintage shop and find that one-off piece no one else in the field will be wearing,” she advised.