Some Gems from MyFace Cosmetics

Make-Up artist Charlotte Tilbury working backstage at Chloe

When it comes to foundation I am a complete snob. I am so particular about what I use on my face (and my clients) that I will travel miles and at great inconvenience and cost to source my foundation du jour.

However the tables turned on me somewhat when I was invited to try the range from Myface Cosmetics. Knowing nothing about the brand and having no pre-conceived notion of what I was in for made my experience unique as  I began to sample the products.

A Selection of products from the MyFace “Medium” Range

First and foremost the foundation range, which is divided into 9 shades, was absolutely divine. All slightly yellow/neutral-based, the liquid melted into the skin leaving a light, dewy texture – very similar to that of one of my favorite luxury brands, but without the monumental price tag. A bonus for make-up artists; the packaging is slim-line and plastic making them the perfect addition to your kit. $34.00 Each is divided into Fair, Medium and Medium Dark tones and has a range of powder and concealers to compliment.

As my amazement grew while looking over the range,  I gleaned an important bit of behind-the-scenes info. Not only was the range the brainchild of  Gail Federici, who used to run John Frida’s global haircare company but the make-up artist to develop this line was none other then world famous, artist to the stars Charlotte Tilbury! Tilbury is on the speed dial of the A-list including Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani, Kate Moss and Demi Moore. She’s created unforgettable looks for designers such as Louis Vuitton and Missoni, and styled some of the most iconic magazine covers of the decade. Make-up Artist Kabuki now represents the brand to continue to develop products. Double eek! The icing on the cake is that Gwyneth Paltrow herself has blogged about her love of the range here, so if that’s not three good reasons to read on, then I don’t know what is!

Blingtones Eyeshadow

Once I had somewhat composed myself I began to try out the rest of the range with growing excitement.The Blingtones range was next, and as the name might suggest these eye-shadows and nail-polishes contain metallic, sparkly pigments. The difference from many other brands… they actually work. Not only do you get a fantastic colour pay-off but the shimmer transfers from brush to skin just as effectively $20.00.

“We wanted it to look like foil that has been stamped on your eyes. You can apply just a wash for a gorgeous subtle shimmer, or build it up for a foil-like look. I have found nothing else like it on the market. The results look polished, never cheap.”
– Charlotte Tilbury

In addition, a fantastic range of liquid liners is available in 15 shades (available now in the US and soon to be released in the UK)- colors range from a matte black and white through to electric metallics $18.00.

Liquid Liners

Myface is truly a gem among other high-street and drugstore brands and I cannot give enough encouragement to anyone reading this to go try it out either through Boots or the MyFace Website  which will enable you to view the full range, learn some expert tips and videos using the products. What’s not to like?

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