Giorgio Armani discusses health woes

Giorgio Armani: Runway - Milan Fashion Week Womenswear Autumn/Winter 2012/2013

Giorgio Armani has discussed his battle with hepatitis.

The 77-year-old designer was hospitalized for ten days in 2009 with a serious case of the liver illness. He has now revealed the condition was brought on by drinks he was consuming before he worked out.

The star would drink them daily before going to the gym, until his doctor demanded he quit.

“My doctor told me: Get rid of all this sh*t you’re drinking,” he told Wall Street Journal.

Much has been made about who will take over at Armani when Giorgio retires. He sees the future in the hands of his nephew Andrea Camerana and nieces Silvana and Roberta Armani.

He admits worrying about the situation “when I wake up in the morning and when I go to sleep at night” and wondering whether he should have taken up fashion conglomerate LVMH on an offer of partnership. It was made in 1998 but the designer feared he would lose too much control of his business.

“Today the two companies together would be really something,” he said.

“It’s difficult to judge my nephew and nieces’ capacity. I’d say they’re about 70 percent there.”

“Look, this succession issue has been at my throat for at least 15 years. The question is always the same, and so is the answer: as long as I’m here, I’m the boss.”