Heidi Klum: Crazy fashion is top

The supermodel-turned-designer has created Wildlife jewelry collection – a colorful range of statement necklaces, earrings and watches.

Heidi is a judge on TV fashion show Project Runway and respects people who shy away from designing “safe” pieces.

“I always have a hard time when I’m judging people on the stage,” she told modelinia.com. “Sometimes people do some crazy stuff. It might not be as sellable, but they are doing some fun, crazy things! And I applaud them for it!”

Although she prefers to wear more head-turning designs, Heidi always thinks of her customers when she creates. The blonde beauty pours over the different styles she needs in order to keep consumers happy.

“I start thinking about all the different ladies and what they want. I sit there and think about the colors of the stones. I think, is it going to be a sparkly stone in the middle, or a matte stone in the middle. I think about these things forever,” she said.

Heidi loves to accessorize her outfits with jewelry. Her range caters to all different styles of clothing.

“There are certainly things that I wear more than others, they just have an ease to them, you can wear them just with a T-shirt,” she revealed.

“Others read more ladylike. You have to work harder to make it look effortless.”