Hotpants are sizzling style staple

Hotpants are a big look this season, and here’s how to wear them with style.

Some seasons are crammed with so many wearable pieces it’s impossible to know where to start. Others have some items you can’t wait to try on and others which might seem a little scary. Hotpants certainly fall into the second category but they are also going to be prolific over the coming months so it’s best to get your head wrapped around them now.

The New York Spring/Summer runways were particularly crammed with this short apparel. Rebecca Minkoff went for classic black, teamed with a long-sleeved jacket and wedge sandals. The look might sound extreme, but by covering up the chest and arm area less skin is on show which ensures the look is chic and not overtly sexy.

Jill Stuart opted for a nude version which was so miniscule it almost looked as if the model was wearing a bathing suit. The designer’s runway wasn’t all about flashing skin though, a yellow pair of hotpants were cut slightly longer and looked chic and flattering.

The key with this look is to think about the event you’re going to. Fashion is fun but you should still look appropriate – so while sequined hotpants would top the style stakes on a night out, they probably aren’t the best option for a family lunch.

Remember the term hotpants takes in all variety of thigh-skimming styles, some will sit just below the buttocks while others will be a little longer. Try on a few versions to find your ultimate length and in general pair with a covered up top – such as a loose T-shirt or long-sleeved blouse – to ensure your style stays fresh.