Jean Paul Gaultier regrets shorts at Cannes

Jean Paul Gaultier says Catherine Deneuve and Marion Cotillard’s style has an “elegance” about it.

Jean Paul Gaultier, Lycee Francais De New York 2012 Gala. Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty

Jean Paul Gaultier says wearing shorts with his tuxedo to the glamorous Cannes Film Festival was not one of his proudest fashion moments.

The esteemed designer knows style when he sees it, but insists even the greatest fashionistas make mistakes from time to time.

In an interview with the Today show, Gaultier revealed that his fashion-forward choices for the prestigious film event weren’t always well received.

“But sometimes the French can make also mistakes — women, but men, too. Me, for example, two times, I have been refused at the Festival de Cannes,” he said.

“Yes! First time, I was in a tuxedo but with shorts. Black. And second time I was with a kilt with tuxedo. Refused again. But the third time, I came with Madonna — I was in bed with Madonna… she was like my passport, so I got through it.”

Gaultier has praised the style choices of French actresses Catherine Deneuve and Marion Cotillard, claiming the stars “have a kind of elegance and feeling good in themselves. You know, maybe it’s also the movement.”

Gaultier is serving on the nine-member panel at Cannes this year, alongside stars including Diane Kruger and Ewan McGregor. The star is honored to be included in the prestigious line-up.

“It’s very flattering, I love cinema. I have worked with some directors too,” he gushed.