Jessie J: I’m honest about style

Jessie J, at The Voice UK Launch. Photo by Ben Pruchnie/Getty Images

Jessie J thinks nothing of telling her friends if something looks “disgusting” when they are shopping.

The British singer is a huge fan of fashion and loves looking around stores with her close friends. She prides herself on always speaking the truth if her pals aren’t sure if something suits them.

“My friends know I’ll say, ‘No that’s disgusting, it won’t suit you.’ You don’t have to listen but ask my opinion and be sure I’ll be honest,” she told Company magazine.

Although Jessie is currently single, when she is dating she likes her partner to be presentable. She would never be with someone who didn’t care about how they looked.

“My sister brought a boyfriend home once and my mom pointed out he hadn’t ironed his shirt,” the 24-year-old said. “That stayed with me. I like clean fingernails, nice teeth and anyone who looks after their feet. So they’d definitely have to care about fashion, it’s important to give a sh*t about how you look.”