Karl Lagerfeld: My brain is muscular

Karl Lagerfeld

The creative director of Chanel is renowned for his love of literature. Karl has a phenomenal amount of books and has vowed never to stop expanding his knowledge.

“Now, I have more books than I have shelves,” he laughed. “I am a brain-bodybuilder. Schwarzenegger of the brain.”

Chanel’s latest Resort collection debuted in Paris on Monday night and Karl has discussed why the presentation was so important.

The runway presentation is always over-the-top and takes place at a different venue each year.

“Today, on the internet, it is nice to see something that looks like a movie. Maybe 99 per cent of the people who see the clothes will never own them, but they can buy the lipstick or the perfume,” he explained to British newspaper The Telegraph.

The designer has big plans for his new Resort show, explaining he wants it to be extra special.

“My idea is to hire a train, have dinner on the train, do the show in a ballroom and go back at night,” he told WWD.

The designer also told the British newspaper how people can be successful in his industry. The key is to ensure you don’t get too caught up in seriousness.

“Forget about the past. If you think it was better, you are finished: out. We have to adapt to our time, as time does not adapt to us,” he said. “Fashion is about frivolity – serious frivolity. I know a lot of people who were saved by frivolity, as the superficial part of life is very healthy.”