Laura Bailey discusses perfect picture

Laura Bailey

The 39-year-old model says the same rules apply whether posing for fashion images or vacation pictures. The key is not to look like you’re trying too hard.

“Good posture is key. Change everything to black and white – I even shoot on my BlackBerry in black and white! And don’t try too hard. Look as though you’re caught unaware. Assume nonchalance, real or otherwise. As Yves Saint Laurent said, ‘Isn’t elegance forgetting what one is wearing?’” she said.

Laura has been modeling for many years and finds things have eased as she’s got older. She now cares less about embarrassing herself.

“It’s about the chemistry between photographer and model. On set, you have to let it happen… to surrender to the creative but not in a passive way. It’s a combination of the ability to relax and to get lost in the story. As I’ve got older I’ve got braver as a model because you lose your inhibitions,” she told British newspaper The Observer.

Laura is an ambassador for Oxfam and champions ethical clothing. She tries hard to think about the environment when she is shopping and has some easy rules she tries to live by.

“I buy much less these days and when I do I treat myself – I want something to last forever. Anything I fall out of love with goes straight to Oxfam… where I inevitably leave with a vintage scarf or an old man’s overcoat,” she said.