Liberty Ross inspired by mother’s style

Liberty Ross, Snow White And The Huntsman - World Premiere

The model inherited her love of vintage clothes from her fashion-savvy parent, who used to hunt for unique items.

Having walked for the likes of Louis Vuitton, Burberry and Diane von Furstenberg, the brunette beauty has been spoilt for choice when it comes to designer items.

But the 33-year-old clothes horse loves nothing more than taking to the streets of London to shop in markets.

“I’ve always been into clothes. I grew up on Portobello Market so I was always there, picking up a bargain,” she told the July issue of Elle magazine, before adding her mother still rifles the rails and picks out items for her. “My mum is the coolest girl I’ve ever meet.”

Liberty isn’t a clothes hoarder and regularly clears out her wardrobes.

The star, who is currently appearing in Snow White and the Huntsman, often sells unwanted garments on the internet.

“I wish my dressing room was bigger,” she said. “I can’t stand having too much of anything. I like clean spaces. So I regularly go through my wardrobe and pass things around my family or do a big eBay sweep.”