The Makeup Show 2012

How do you get the best in the beauty industry to come together in one room at the same time? Well, it is not easy but, somehow, The Makeup Show finds a way to do it every year and in numerous locations around the world.

The Makeup Show. Photo Credit: Nadav Vee Havakook

How do you get the best in the beauty industry to come together in one room at the same time? Well, it is not easy but, somehow, The Makeup Show finds a way to do it every year and in numerous locations around the world. This is because professionals in this industry understand that only the best of the best are associated with this event. There is a beautiful and professional level of superior knowledge that goes along with The Makeup Show. Their key note speakers/presenters are the absolute best in the business and speak on the most influential topics, the products that are shown at the event are the very best in the industry. You can find top brands here like Make Up For Ever and M.A.C. and you can also find some of my most favorite smaller brands like Armour Beauty and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. The Makeup Show holds a very special place in my heart, because this is the one show that is solely for industry professionals. Now, for the show’s purposes, industry professionals include: Makeup artists, hairstylists, estheticians, cosmetologists, agents, models and stylists.

This show isn’t about getting amazing discounts on products- though you do, it is about really getting to know all of the products out there. It is about being able to speak to the people behind the products and really being able to see them up close and understand what they are about. The networking opportunities at The Makeup Show are unparallelled to any other show and the industry leaders that you get the hear speak and who you get to meet will blow your mind.

This year in New York, the keynote speakers are:

Troy Jensen

Mastering The Beauty Business – Troy Jensen
Sunday, May 13 2012- 10:00- 11:30

Known for his remarkably star-studded roster of celebrity clients, expertise in the industry and ability to make every makeup look memorable Troy Jensen is a one of a kind artist.  He’s worked with everyone from Jennifer Lopez to Gwyneth Paltrow and his work has been seen all over the red carpet and in some of the very top magazines; Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Vanity Fair to name a few. In this amazing keynote, Troy will share insight into the importance of adaptability and give insight into achieving longevity in a growing makeup market.

Johnny Lavoy

The Transformation of Makeup with Johnny Lavoy
Sunday, May 13 2012 – 12:00 – 1:30

Makeup artist and hair stylist Johnny Lavoy is one of the very top in the industry. He is the the Artistic Director and founder of Moda-Rey Salon & Spa and with his impressive L’Oreal contract he has worked his way through the very top of NY Fashion Week, his work has been seen in magazines like Vanity Fair, Vogue Italia, Ocean Drive and many more and if you watch a Red Carpet you have definitely seen his work. In this Keynote, Johnny will show you why he is the true favorite of some of our top celebs by demonstrating his techniques and makeup mastery..

Frances Hathaway

One on One with Frances Hathaway- Sponsored by Make Up For Ever
Sunday, May 13 2012 – 2:00- 3:30

Frances Hathaway is known as one of the world’s top makeup artists and has shaped and inspired numerous beauty brands. Her work has been seen in more editorials and ad campaigns than you can count working with photographers like Mario Testino, Nick Knight and David Bailey. In this key note Michael DeVellis will have a one on one interview with Frances Hathaway discussing her career and giving candid insight on being a makeup artist.  Frances will also lead us through a demonstration of her artistic process.

Kristofer Buckle

Making Up with Kristofer Buckle
Sunday, May 13 2012 – 4:00- 5:30

Kristofer is not only known for his amazing work on X-Factor, but he has worked on some of the most famous faces in the celebrity world- Charlize Theron, Demi Moore and Renée Zellweger to name a few. He has a client list unparalleled to most with campaigns for Christian Dior, Dooney & Bourke, and Neutrogena.  In this keynote Kristofer will explain how he became a go to artist for the top celebrities and why they go to him to create their signature looks for music videos and live events. He will also show his deep knowledge of makeup and light paired with his impressive and diverse awareness of history; both which have helped him become one of the top in his industry.


A Career in Makeup – Matin
Monday, May 14 2012- 10:00- 11:30

Matin has a beauty background like no other. Starting as a molecular biologist and finding his way to be one of the top celebrity makeup artists Matin will discuss his career, offer tips on how to get to the next level and demonstrate techniques that have made him a go to artist for celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow, Cynthia Nixon, Liv Tyler and Rachel Weisz and put his work on covers such as Elle, Marie Claire and Nylon.

Jed Root

Creating an Empire in the Beauty Industry – Jed Root
Monday, May 14th 2012 – 12:00 – 1:00

Jed Root is one of the most known names in the beauty business and his name is held with the highest respect. Jed represents some of the very top of the top makeup artists, hair stylists and photographers (Kevyn Aucoin was the first client on his roster) and in his exciting keynote Jed will speak on his own experience in the industry-both beauty and fashion.  He will give us insight on where he sees the industry today and what he looks for in artists and assistants to be signed to Jed Root, Inc.

Sutan Amrull

Thinking Outside the Box – Sutan Amrull
Monday, May 14th 2012 – 1:30 – 3:00p

Sutan is one of the best known makeup artists, not only because of his vast knowledge, skill and experience, but also because of working on America’s Next Top Model and his winning status on RuPaul’s Drag Race season three. His clients range from Tyra Banks to Adam Lambert. Having a background in fine art, Sutan has a superior understanding of color, texture and the camera.  In his keynote, Sutan will let us in on some stories from his life and career and shed light on some secrets to his innovative and imaginative mind and how that transfers to makeup magic.

So, have you bought your ticket yet?  If not, you certainly need to. You have four 2012 Makeup Shows to get to left. May 13-14 in NY, June 17-18 in Chicago, September22-23 in Berlin and November 4-5 in Orlando.