Margherita Maccapani Missoni: Pattern is natural

Margherita Maccapani Missoni doesn’t notice if she’s wearing a pattern as it comes so “naturally” to her.

Bolon by Missoni - 2012 Milan Design Week

The star is the heir to the Missoni dynasty, the Italian fashion house famed for using bold prints in its collections. She has worn flamboyant pieces for most of her life and thinks nothing of donning something daring.

“If I’m wearing a print I don’t even feel like I’m wearing one. It’s the same with colors, mixing texture and print comes naturally,” she told the latest edition of UK Elle.

Margherita hasn’t always followed in the family’s footsteps so fully.

When she was seven her parents split up and she wanted to rebel. She did so by refusing to wear anything other than a dress which was navy and white.

“I wanted structure in my life, to get away from the chaos of my parents’ divorce,” she said. “And I associated that with the way we dressed. So I went to church and wore good-girl dresses.”

Margherita’s mother Angela is the current creative director of the Missoni label.