Penélope Cruz: Feeling good is important

Penelope Cruz Honored On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame. Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Penélope Cruz insists beauty “does have a meaning.”

The stunning star’s mother owned a hair salon, and she spent much time there growing up.

Penélope knows the importance of feeling good about yourself.

“I saw that transformation in women. Not about how they look, but about how beauty makes them feel. Sometimes, women would come in and they were sad, ill, unhappy or worried, and my mother would say, ‘Okay, let’s cut your hair,’ and that little thing would improve their mood for the rest of the week,” she said in an interview with Red magazine.

“Beauty doesn’t mean more, or less, than what it is – but it does have a meaning.”

Penélope works with a trusted beauty team. The 38-year-old Spanish actress has picked up many tricks of the trade by watching her esteemed make-up artists.

“I’ve worked with Pablo Iglesias from Spain for 20 years. I always try to work with the same team, so I have a few people around the world who I work with a lot, depending on where I am,” she said.

“You watch them work in the mirror and learn little tricks. But I grew up around beauty because my mother owned a hair salon, so I was always watching her working and asking her to let me do somebody’s hair.”