Roksanda Ilincic reveals ‘countryside’ inspiration

Roksanda Ilincic

Roksanda Ilincic’s latest collection was inspired by a “relaxed” countryside look.

The designer talked about the looks that dominated her Fall/Winter 12 offering and explained that her ideas were based around a weekend wardrobe.

Chatting backstage at her runway show, the fashion creative talked a Vogue reporter through the looks and influences that make the collection.

“This time it really started with leisure wear, weekend wear, countryside wear; all the kind of clothing women like to wear outside the five working days,” she told “There are lots of jackets, suiting, pieces that are quite masculine and androgynous and lots of lovely jersey skirts, trousers and tops which have a very relaxed feel.”

Roksanda also revealed another major influence on her designs for the season.

Collaborating with Nicholas Kirkwood on the shoes that accompany each ensemble, she wanted to create a mismatched feel to each look.

“I wanted to make them all slightly wrong, almost like they don’t go with the outfit, because the whole idea is about things not being perfect, about some sort of rebellion and making things more fun,” she said.