Roland Mouret: Working for two brands is risky

Roland Mouret

Roland Mouret turned down several opportunities as he’s always worried about splitting his time between two fashion brands.

As well as running his own design house, the hugely successful designer was unveiled as creative director of French footwear label Robert Clergerie in 2011.

The inventor of the A-List’s favorite Galaxy dress explained that he had turned down previous offers of brand leadership because he was concerned about spreading himself too thinly.

But the fashion creative added that the free reign he was offered by his business partner Simon Fuller convinced him to return to the design house he left 27 years earlier.

“Before I never believed that you could have your own brand, be creative director of another and make both successful. Maybe you put 60 per cent into one and 40 in the other – one is selling, the other purely image,” he told Harper’s Bazaar. “I wanted to be honest with myself, and never let it be about money. Fortunately Simon Fuller said, ‘You’re free to do what you want.’ And there was something very natural about coming home to Clergerie after my history there.”

Mouret also spoke of his ambitions for his new shoe collection.

The designer wants to enchant fashionistas everywhere with his flat footwear creations.

“Women react to high heels with emotion, and I want women to react to flats like that too. We need to fall in love with a pair of brogues, not because they are practical, but because they are beautiful. I want to bring comfort and aesthetics back together – who says they can’t co-exist?” he said.