Stefano Gabbana uses watches as bracelets

Stefano Gabbana says he got the idea to feature vegetable prints in Dolce & Gabbana’s Spring/Summer 12 line thanks to his mother.

Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce, Net-a-Porter and Mr Porter Host A Party For Dolce & Gabbana

The star and his design partner Domenico Dolce have created a line of fine watches for men, which is being advertised by David Gandy among others.

The pair have discussed their love of timepieces, explaining that they have always held them apart from other accessories.

“To us a watch is an item to love, collect, pass down. I love when people wear watches that once belonged to their grandfathers or fathers. I would love if this was the case with our watches in the future,” Domenico said.

“Stefano used to wear a Rolex and a Cartier. Like bracelets. But my most special watch was the Omega I was given for first communion. That was a very symbolic present – it is a big occasion, you are becoming a man, and you are given this very grownup present. It is a nice tradition.”

The fashion house’s Spring/Summer 12 womenswear line is all about print, with tomatoes and peppers featured on dresses and earrings made to look like pasta.

Stefano has explained how they came up with the concept.

“You have to work very hard behind the scenes, to make a message clear enough for a lot of people to understand,” he told British newspaper The Guardian.

“I got the idea for this season when my momma was cooking lunch, and she was wearing an apron with a print of lemons and peppers. I said, ‘Momma, I need your apron’, and I took it to Domenico, to show him, and he loved the idea.”