Tali Lennox describes ‘humble’ charity visit

Tali Lennox has discusses how moved she was when she visited Sierra Leone on a charity trip

Tali Lennox, Women For Women International Gala. Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty

The model has traveled to Sierra Leone as part of Christian Aid Week, which runs for the next five days.

She blogged about the experience on vogue.com, explaining she was deeply moved when she was introduced to the aid workers she was shadowing.

“The first glimpse of Freetown is vibrant with people and colors, and beautifully set on lush hills, but widespread poverty is evident everywhere,” she wrote. “The team are hugely welcoming and warm, as we sit down and discuss the trip ahead. I’m humbled by their clear passion and dedication to the groups and communities they support that we’ll be visiting on our trip.”

Tali arrived in the country with a Christian Aid worker and a photographer, who took pictures throughout her time in the country.

The model was acting as a Christian Aid Week ambassador. The aim of the organization is to give those who are struggling the tools to help themselves out of poverty.

In Sierra Leone many people live off the land and Tali spent time seeing how the charitable organization’s drives have helped people there.

The model explained how amazed she was when she got her first glimpse of the country.

“At the airport we manage to wade through a swarm of people, keeping an eye on our baggage and passports throughout, and are soon on board a packed minibus, speeding along bumpy roads to the accompaniment of The Prodigy pounding out of the CD player,” she wrote. “With flashes of market lights and silhouettes of palm trees outside, it feels like I’ve been sucked into a Danny Boyle film.”