Vidal Sassoon praised for ‘modernism’

A host of names from the fashion and celebrity worlds have taken to their Twitter pages to pay their respects to the late Vidal Sassoon.

Vidal Sassoon Autobiography Signing At Selfridges, Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Celebrity stylist Nicky Clarke has paid tribute to the late Vidal Sassoon, calling the hairdresser “a driver of modernism”.

The renowned hair stylist and fashion icon died yesterday at his Hollywood Hills home at the age of 84.

Nicky has explained how Vidal revolutionized the way in which women wore their tresses in the ‘60s and says the hair expert will be sadly missed.

“If we think before that everything was about dressing hair and the fussiness of things and what he did was he came along and did away with this, it was made all about the cut, this was round about 1963. He was part of that drive of modernism.

“He was very, very interested in modernism of all sorts… he just introduced all of that into hair. And at the same time he probably freed women of that weekly ritual of having their hair backcombed and being under a dryer. It depicted a whole new look of that time,” he told UK TV show Daybreak.

“It’s one of those things if you go into the street and ask a taxi drive the name of a celebrity hairdresser, his name is going to come up.”

Other well-known names in the beauty and fashion field have also paid their respects to the late icon on their Twitter pages.

British model Erin O’Connor wrote: “RIP Vidal Sassoon. Inspired so many, myself included.#besthaircutofmylife (sic).”


Vidal had been battling leukemia for three years before he passed away.