A Look Inside Volt Magazine

A look inside the latest issue of Volt Magazine, the unbound, folded fashion publication which focus’ on stunning visual content with high impact.

Volt Magazine is fairly different from the rest. In a good way. For a start, its huge, but more interestingly, it’s not bound. It sounds odd at first, but it works perfectly, like instantly you have pages and pages of pre-made pictures to do with what you want. The pages are folded together, and split in half; Volt Man and in this case, Volt 11.

Inside it is full to the brim with editorials, fashion, conceptual, cultural, menswear, womenswear – it has it all. My first thought was to look and see what made it to the covered central page, in this case a landscape fashion photograph by Linda Brownlee. Other stand out photographs include a beauty editorial shot by Rui Faria, titled Leila, and menswear, photographed by Adam Hinton.

Volt is certainly a visual publication. There is some written content, but it is not overbearing, and with the extra-large sizing and folding format, it seems a waste to fill page after page with text. The format lends itself so well to impacting imagery. I for one will definitely be after the next issue of Volt once it is published. I already want to pin half the magazine to my walls.

For more information visit: voltcafe.com / @voltmag