Anna Dello Russo discusses ‘wind of fashion’

The fashion editor has become an internet sensation thanks to her outlandish outfit choices, which are a hit with style fans and bloggers.

She has been sitting on the front row of many of the recent men’s shows in Milan and spoke about why she enjoys wearing pieces others wouldn’t dream of donning.

“For me fashion is like a boat, you need to be on the sea and feel the wind. The wind can come also from bad conditions. And sometimes a bad show makes you think of something. It is an exercise – you have to be in the middle of the sea to know the wind of fashion,” she told British newspaper The Telegraph.

Anna is regularly swamped by fans who want to capture a picture of her when she is out and about. Far from finding the interest intrusive, Anna loves the fuss.

“In the beginning it was a little embarrassing. But sometimes now I think, ‘Oh, if I do not get photographed I will be miserable,’ or, ‘Oh my god, the outfit does not work any more.’ In a way, I enjoy that the new generation watches me: it gives me confidence,” she said.

Despite her intense passion for fashion, Anna has never been tempted to try her hand at design. She doesn’t think that is where her talent lies.

“No, I would never want to design because I know that to do it well is hard, hard, hard. I like being an editor, and seeing everything,” she explained.