One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure

The Manhattan Vintage show has its fair share of characters, but Meika and Warren Franz – co-owners of Another Man’s Treasure – are undeniably the queen and king of the trade show that brings together over 75 of the country’s top vintage clothing and antique textile dealers twice a year. In less than a decade the Franz’s have built a strong reputation for consistently providing some of the most sought-after designer vintage in the market.

“I knew from a very early age I wanted to do something in fashion.  My family was in the sewing industry, so since age 12 I began working for them at trade shows, where I would buy vintage fabric to make clothing with,” said Meika. “After moving to England in 2004 I got my first vintage shop job and I was hooked! After a couple more years of working in vintage shops in both London and NYC we opened Another Man’s Treasure.”

Most vintage dealers in the tri-state area work almost exclusively with large-scale used-clothes distributors, but Meika and Warren have given their collection a more personal touch. At Another Man’s Treasure each piece is handpicked. You can tell in the buys. The two seamlessly combine their individual aesthetics. Meika, the cherry-red head romantic, and Warren, the late 60s British Punk enthusiast, work hand-in-hand to deliver an impressively diverse array of vintage clothing and accessories that have inspired the likes of Ralph Lauren and Marc Jacobs, and have been featured in Lucky, Harpers Bazzar, Cosmo UK, New York Magazine, NY Post,  and worn by super model Liya Kebede and Scarlett Johansson.

Most recently, Meika and Warren have opened an appointment-only showroom to house their high-end vintage and collectible antiques.

“The showroom has a lot of high-end designer and boutique label items that wouldn’t sit well with the price points at the shop, where one of our goals is affordability,” said Warren. “We have been creating this collection of higher-end vintage and taking a lot of it to the Manhattan Vintage Show, but we really wanted a way for our customers to come and check it out with ease and in an intimate, comfortable environment locally.”

The showroom houses everything from Chanel and Givenchy Couture to breath-taking early Thierry Mugler pieces. We were lucky enough to pull a few of our favorites for a Bloginity exclusive photoshoot styled by Keesean Moore and shot by fine artist Alison Brady.

1940’s Monkey Fur Jacket, 1980’s Rhinestone Tiger Pearl Necklace, 1980s Norma Kamali Riding pants

1980/90’s Gemma Khang Couture Black Bow Dress, 1960’s Lucite Necklace, 1950’s Red Satin Gloves Alejandro Ingelmo, Woven Crosby Wedge, $975,

1980’s CHANEL Red Wool Dress

1950’s French Couture Velvet Tuxedo. Verlaine, Suspension Rib Dress, $1,900,

1960s Hand-beaded Sheer Wedding Dress. 1970s Lucite Drip Earrings. Alejandro Ingelmo, Woven Crosby Wedge, $975,

To find out more about Another Man’s Treasure check out their website at and follow them on Facebook If you get a chance wish them