Chrissy Teigen on How She Gets “Bikini Ready”

Chrissy Teigen by Rony Shram

The Sports Illustrated model is often photographed in skimpy two pieces and has to maintain a certain level of grooming at all times.

The beautiful brunette explained that one of the most important aspects of her beauty regime is hair removal.

The curvy model gave her expert insight into why she prefers shaving to waxing.

“It waxing honestly doesn’t take for me. Some people just have stubborn hair and I don’t have the kind of time it takes to grow it out basically,” she told Fashionista. “Sometimes I go to a casting and they tell you you need to be ‘bikini ready’ and I didn’t realize, so I always bring a razor to a shoot with me.”

Chrissy joked that she rates quite highly in the hairiness stakes.

While she has no body hair to speak of in some places, in others the Victoria’s Secret model is rather unruly.

“I don’t have hair everywhere, but where I do they’re angry. They’re thick and coarse,” she said. “It’s funny because above my knee on the thigh I don’t have hair at all and then below it, it goes every which way. I’d say I’m an eight out of ten although that sounds really hairy.”