The Perfect Vacation – Clarins and Miraval

Clarins and The Miraval Resort have come together in perfect unison to create a true luxury spa experience.

The view from the Quiet Room at Miraval’s Life In Balance Spa with Clarins

“Experience is where it all begins.”
Clarins reached out to me a few months ago and invited me to go to the Miraval Resort in Tucson, AZ with some of the very top and most influential beauty writers/bloggers. I was honored and, of course, I accepted. Clarins recently entered the Miraval world in one of the most perfect collaborations that I could ever imagine. Clarins being the absolute best of the best of spa products and Miraval being the number one go to spa destination, it is the perfect marriage.

Starting from getting off the plane my experience with Miraval was exceptional. From being met at the airport to the Equine Experience (read more about the experience that changed my life) to my last breakfast, everything about Miraval was exceptional.

The spa itself was designed by Clodagh, which if you know anything about anything that has to do with design, you know that alone is like saying your child’s voice was personally sculpted by Aretha Franklin. The design is stunning and smart.  From the pathway to the Life In Balance Spa, the energy is soothing and beautiful and once you step in- it only gets better. The spa was designed to make the guest feel most comfortable. You walk into what would seem to be a stunning living space- set with a serene fireplace and beautiful, comfortable furniture. There are no products jumping out at you, you aren’t inundated by sales people trying to sell you something- just the luxury of your own thoughts and calming presence.  From there- once changed- you can go and enjoy the Quiet Room which happens to be one of my favorite spots in the entire resort. It is a place to just sit- indoors or out- and take in the beauty of Tucson’s Catalina Mountains, or read, or close your eyes. This room was designed by Clodagh to really bring the mountains and the Tucson experience to you. From the diagonal ceiling which lifts up toward the mountains to the beautiful- cushy chairs and blankets- this room is the perfect Tucson experience.

After leaving the Quiet Room, you are brought through a wonderful hallway which transitions the spa lobby to the treatment area. It marries the two areas perfectly. The treatments rooms are exactly what you would expect and each room has it’s very own in-wall IPod dock and each treatment has it’s own soundtrack and lighting scheme.  Everything has been thought of.

I had a facial (the Anti-Aging Facial) with the incredible Victoria- she has been with Miraval for 14 years (even though I swear she looks like she is 25- must be her impeccable knowledge of skincare) and she couldn’t have been more delightful if she tried. Her knowledge of skincare and of the Clarins products blew my mind. Since she had been there prior to Clarins we discussed the transition. Victoria has been beyond impressed with not only the products, but the company as well. She explained how she was part of choosing the best products for the Miraval Spa and how Clarins far surpassed others.

I have had many facials in my life, but I must say, this was one of the absolute best. Between the Miraval setting, the outstandingly talented Victoria and truly the best spa products I have ever encountered- this treatment was exceptional. Clarins is not only about their products- but also about the application whether you are a career esthetician or a day to day Clarins customer.

Miraval offers everything and everything it offers is exceptional. I would have to say my highlights were my spa treatments, the Equine Experience and the phenomenal chef’s table dinner with Executive Chef Chad Luethje. Chef Chad Luethje is incredibly impressive and the food that is served at Miraval is spa food like no other. Of course, calories, health and diet are quite important to Miraval clientele, but so is great tasting cuisine.

And, Chef makes certain that taste is not lost in the beauty of his food. I felt better after eating three days at Miraval than I had in a very long time and it was all about being mindful. Being mindful of what you eat, being mindful of what you do and being mindful of who you are. That is the Miraval way. Miraval is all about choices.

All in all I would have to say that this trip was just what my body, mind and soul needed. The women I got to spend time with were inspiring, Clarins and Miraval could not have been more gracious and my experience will stay with me for a lifetime… or until the next time I stay there (because I will definitely be back!).