Donatella Versace: Label isn’t impeccable

Donatella Versace, Versace For H&M Fashion Event - Fashion Show

The designer took over the company when her designer brother Gianni was murdered in 1997. The fashion house has always been known for its extravagant designs, featuring a lot of sparkle and high splits. Donatella is proud of its signature style.

“Versace has a very distinctive look – a look created by my brother, and one I have stayed true to,” she told the latest edition of UK Glamour.

“Style is a very personal thing, and there is a difference between Versace style and what others might consider ‘impeccable style.’ However, the Versace woman is the same as she has always been: a strong, confident, sexy and glamorous woman, who enjoys being the center of attention.”

Donatella recently showed a haute couture collection in Paris, for the first time in years. She has hinted she won’t be doing any more new lines in the near future.

“My highlight of the past year has been bringing Atelier Versace back, and the great reception the collection received in Paris. It’s wonderful to be doing couture again,” she said.

“After bringing back Versus, Atelier Versace and young Versace, we are certainly on a roll. Maybe this year we need to consolidate a little. Who knows? Versace may evolve with the times, but it’s always Versace.”