Emma Hill says the Mulberry brand is “bonkers”

The creative director of the iconic British fashion house explained that the company reflects English quirkiness.

The fashion creative aims to keep the label’s British production roots wherever possible.

“We’re not tea and crumpets and the Queen-British: we’re bonkers and crazy and craft,” she told British newspaper The Telegraph. “Nobody wants a hollow promise, ‘We manufacture in England.’ I’m hugely proud of the UK and all our craft industries. While everyone else is running to China, we are trying to run away from China because if you say you are an English luxury brand you have to do something about it. All of our hand knits are made by Scottish grannies up in the Highlands. And that’s British luxury: it’s quirky.”

Emma also revealed which designers she admires.

The creative respects how much control the now retired Calvin Klein had over his brand image before the label was sold in 2003 and said no one can rival the quality of Hermès’ products.

“The man is a genius. Although it’s not really my taste – it’s the opposite to Calvin – I was so in awe of his protection of his brand. He controlled everything from the colour of your coffee to what you could have on the back of your chair. In a very different way, ours is a very controlled environment, too,” she said, before praising Hermès. “No one can touch them in terms of quality. A friend who was working at Hermès said that if there was even the most minor imperfection on a bag they would take it out the back and burn it – no compromise.”