Giorgio Armani releases new ads

Giorgio Armani

The Italian designer has shown off the Fall/Winter 12 Emporio Armani advertisements to WWD.

The images were taken in Tokyo and star models Anna De Rijk, Paolo Anchisi, Tao Okamoto and Alfred Kovac. The shots were captured by Alasdair McLellan and see the models posing against landmarks in the city.

Tokyo’s iconic skyline is featured in some of the pictures, while in others the models strike relaxed poses in front of huge billboards.

In one image, a model is propped against a wall covered in symbols, while in the background big neon signs can be seen. She is wearing a midnight blue velvet dress boasting a giant flower in the centre and has a clutch in her hand.

The Tokyo campaign images come just days after Giorgio staged a huge fashion show in Beijing. During a press event for the runway display he revealed he’ll be staging an exhibition of designs he’s come up with which mark historic occasions over the last decade.

“I went back and saw that I had designed some Salvador Dalì-inspired accessories – à la Schiaparelli– five or six years ago,” he explained.