Jenna Lyons doesn’t plan red carpet attire

Jenna Lyons has vowed to “think a little harder” about what she wears to big events from now on.

Jenna Lyons, 2012 CFDA Fashion Awards - Arrivals

Jenna Lyons doesn’t plan her outfits for big events as it makes her even more stressed.

The president and executive creative director of J. Crew attended the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Awards in New York City on Monday. She opted for a pair of striped, sequined pants, a simple blouse and dark blue blazer.

Several websites cited her as the person whose outfit they were most looking forward to seeing at the event, dubbed the fashion Oscars.

“I was shocked to see something on New York Magazine,” Jenna laughed to

“I didn’t actually think about my outfit until this morning and then I was like, ‘I probably need to think a little harder.’”

The star didn’t spend weeks planning what she would don for the event. She knows that works well for some women, but it just makes her more panicked about what people will think of her choice.

“Well, I’m not so good if I plan because then I think about it too much and I over think it,” she laughed.

“I was thinking what looks cute that I can have tailored before six o’clock. I had the pants tailored today because they were a little big on me. We have an in house tailor and I called and said, ‘You know I haven’t actually figured out what I’m wearing so can we have somebody standing by’… The pants were delivered to my house as I was finishing my hair and make-up.”