Kate Moss sticks to looks she likes

Kate Moss used to roll down her taxi windows and shout at people she saw wearing her Topshop designs because she found it so exciting.

The British model is one of the most trend-setting stars around, with women the world over flocking to copy her style. Kate sees that as a big compliment and doesn’t worry that having people mirror her look means she isn’t unique any more.

“People try and tempt me to do that. They’re like, ‘Everyone will be copying it and it will be hilarious. Do it!’ But I’m not tempted,” she insisted.

“Are they gonna put it in all the magazines? Ha! But no. I haven’t done it on purpose anyway.”

Kate used to design a collection for Topshop and she loved seeing young girls wearing her pieces. If she ever drove past teenagers in her designs she’d roll down the window and shout at them, which they usually couldn’t believe.

The 38-year-old star’s wardrobe is extensive and she finds it hard to part with items which have sentimental value.

“I do lose track of things. Things go missing. I’m like, ‘Where’s that? Is it in the country, is it in London, is it in storage…?’ There’s systems. Of jeans. And longs. And… shorts, blacks and coloreds,” she explained to the British edition of Grazia.

“I didn’t devise the system. I had to have professional help, because there’s like… too. Much. Stuff! And I find it really hard to edit. I’m like, ‘Oh! I don’t want to let it go!’ They’re like, ‘No! You’re never going to wear that! Put it away. So, I put it away.”