Mary Katrantzou: No time for resort collection

Mary Katrantzou, Photo by Alex Sainsbury

The designer’s elaborate prints take too long to produce to squeeze in an additional two pre-season offerings.

The fashion creative added that if her label keeps expanding, she might be able to put together another range in the future.

“We worked out that it takes on average four days to create a print, and we create about 40 prints a collection, so we need 160 days – that’s eight months for one person, four months for two people,” she told “Perhaps next season we might have grown the team enough to be able to do it in time.”

Mary also spoke about her inspiration and admitted she fears that she will run out of ideas one day.

She acknowledged that the huge popularity of graphic prints might not last forever.

“Sometimes there is a cohesive theme from one collection to the next – but it’s completely different for Spring/Summer 13. I always worry about what will happen one season if I don’t have an idea”, she said. “Of course the love for print won’t always be there. We emerged as a revolution of digital print took hold.

It allows people to be so different in their work, but also it allows the creation of different elements of the same thing so trends can emerge. At first it was all too digital and intimidating to wear – but now it can be so appealing. I think people used to assume that print is difficult to wear but if you balance the print, your own aesthetic and the silhouette in perfect harmony, it works.”