Meghan Collison: Chanel pain was worth it

by Team Bloginity

Megan has walked the runway for Lanvin, Proenza Schouler and Yves Saint Laurent. She also modeled at Chanel’s recent Resort debut in Paris, which left her speechless. It was held at the Château de Versailles in May and Megan says the pain the footwear she donned caused was well worth it.

“The location was absolutely incredible,” she told WWD.

“Just the way they did everything with the runway, the fountains, I was like, ‘This is unreal.’ The only thing was those shoes! They destroyed the back of my feet. I was bleeding afterward. Hard plastic with no socks on? Not fun! Especially because we had rehearsal three times. I walked around for the next week with the backs of my moccasins folded down to let them heal! At least the shoes looked amazing.”

Meghan started in the fashion world after winning a Ford Models contest which she entered because she was so tall.

She loves her job, explaining a surprising side-effect from it is that she has learned how to travel light.

“I’m a pro — it’s all about the rolls instead of folding. You can get so much stuff into the tiniest suitcase. I went to Japan for three and a half weeks one time with just a carry-on,” she laughed.