Michael Kors attracts vulnerable fashionistas

The designer is the latest to sit down with Fern Mallis for an interview in front of an audience in New York City.

Michael Kors, Fall 2012 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

“If I do my job right, my designs help boost your confidence. We’ve noticed that women at their most vulnerable moments – like, JLo two days after breaking up with Ben Affleck – go for Michael Kors,” he said.

Michael also spoke about his personal life. The designer was born Karl Anderson Jr. but changed his name when he was five after his mother remarried. He joked about why he wanted a new moniker.

“I knew in fashion there was only one Karl,” he laughed, in reference to Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld. “I had a premonition there could be only one! By the time my mom got married I wanted a really adult name. My mom wanted to name me Dov, I wanted to be Michael – not Mike, not Mikey, Michael.”

Michael was asked about the trends he loves and loathes and didn’t hold back. He also admitted he hasn’t always got it right in terms of his career.

“Well I have to say, maxi dresses I think are terrific if you have a tailor, but if I see another girl literally tripping over her clothes, sweeping it on the ground – the trend that I want to see? Everyone get a tailor. How hard is it? Get a tailor!” he said.

“I personally think the worst thing I did of my design career was bodysuits for men. Now at the time I thought it was very smart, but of course, snaps on the male anatomy are not a good thing. I learned that as a men’s designer it can’t be just about what I would wear.”