Don’t Sweat Over Swimwear

Nicky Hambleton Jones

Buying swimwear can cause even the fittest fashion fan to break out into a cold sweat, but it doesn’t always have to be like that. Taking the time to find the perfect bikini or one-piece will help you look and feel better when you’re relaxing on the beach.

If the thought of sifting through racks of swimwear doesn’t appeal, read on to find out what celebrity stylist Nicky Hambleton-Jones advises.

Women who have wide hips and a smaller top – known as pear shapes – often think they have the hardest shape to dress. However, they can help balance things out if they pay attention to one simple rule.

“Your top half needs to balance out your bottom half so find a piece with a block color from the waist down and a bold, bright or pattern from the waist up. In doing so, you will make sure that you are minimizing the look of your hips, thighs and bottom while maximizing the shape of your bust and shoulders,” Nicky explained.

The Makeover Queen added women should try matching a small bikini top with more substantial shorts of briefs, another tips to balance a figure out.

Not all women want to hide their figures though. For those who are blessed with the highly-coveted hourglass shape, Nicky also has some advice.

“For this shape, you really must show off your assets and opt for a one or two-piece that sets off your synched waist and full top and bottom. You can try something with some detail round the middle like a belted swimming costume or a bikini two-piece which will naturally draw attention to the waist,” Nicky said.

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