Versace’s new line of custom made jewelry will be unveiled on Sunday.

Donatella Versace by Victor Demarchelier

The Italian fashion house returned to the world of couture for the first time in years earlier in 2012 and is due to show its latest collection on Sunday.

During the show at the Ritz Paris, Donatella Versace’s company will show off its new offering of fine jewelry.

According to WWD, there are 16 fresh pieces in the collection. Among them are one-of-a-kind rings which boast precious stones such as sapphires, amethysts, emeralds and diamonds.

Donatella is proud of her creations. “As a designer and a collector of fine jewelry, I have always wanted to offer the same quality of craftsmanship in jewelry as we offer with the Atelier Versace fashion collection,” she told the publication.

“Each individual ring from the collection is a work of art.”

The pieces will be made especially for buyers, who will be able to arrange a sale via individual appointment.

The label’s earlier couture offering was its first since 2004. Donatella explained she had an exact aesthetic worked out when she started coming up with the pieces.

“I had in my mind a glamorous warrior woman. She wears sculpted, body-conscious designs that have a bold, futuristic look. I imagined these gowns to be like sexy body-armor, something a modern woman can wear to dazzle and impress,” she previously explained.