Viktor & Rolf discuss anniversary plans

The design duo are celebrating their company’s landmark birthday next year. They have played it down though, insisting they won’t be having an over-the-top celebration.

“We’re thinking about it, but it’s not going to be a great big thing, just a reflection on our work,” they explained.

The pair were talking at a party to promote the baby stroller they have designed in collaboration with Bugaboo and (RED), the organization which raises money to help battle AIDS in Africa. Money made from the sales of Viktor & Rolf’s stroller will go to the charity and the designers put a lot of effort into their creation.

“The idea was ‘my first car’ and thinking about what a stroller is and a car came to mind, which is ironic and surreal and goes very well with Viktor & Rolf,” Viktor told

“The development took a while – there were certain restraints as it had to be child-proof and it had to be tested. It was an interesting project. For us, they’re fun to do next to our own fashion label, to do something totally different.”