Zac Posen: Make an effort with style

Zac Posen says it’s vital for people to enjoy fashion and make an effort with their clothes.

The fashion designer is famed for his dapper appearance and worries not enough people are following his lead. Although he agrees there is a time and place for easy-to-wear pieces, Zac is adamant dressing up is vital too.

“We’ve had sort of an explosion of extra casual dressing. It’s important for Americans to put more effort into what they wear,” he said. “A lot of young people and adults are talking a lot about what they believe in now. It’s important to dress as you believe and to enjoy fashion too.”

Zac was talking to Ruth Finley at a FNW/Trends luncheon in New York City. Ruth is the co-president of FNW/Trends, which is a non-profit organization created to help people in fashion, textiles and other creative industries swap information which might help their businesses.

The designer loves that more people are becoming interested in fashion but is keen that doesn’t dilute its importance.

“So many people are following fashion now. It’s become fashion-tainment. People should dress well again especially for all the great American designers there are. This is a place to dress,” he said, according to WWD.