Anna Wintour Planning Fundraising

Photo by Mark Drew

Anna Wintour is reportedly teaming up with Harvey Weinstein for a charity dinner.

The editor of Vogue is due to hold the lucrative dinner party on August 6 with tickets estimated at $35,800 per plate. This is the latest move by the editor to dip one toe into the world of politics and follows other successful charity events she has held.

“Wintour’s going in for round two, this time with Harvey Weinstein as a co-host,” reports NY Magazine. “Her last fundraiser for Barack Obama in May created total insanity in the neighborhood but the 50-guest, $40,000-per-plate dinner raised a boatload of money for Obama’s campaign.”

Wintour’s last event took place at Sarah Jessica Parker’s West Village apartment. Reports say she will seek a less high profile location for the August party and Weinstein’s residence could be the perfect choice.

Wintour and Weinstein teamed up last year for a fundraiser at Weinstein’s Greenwich Village property, a much less congested part of New York.

The editor has recently raised eyebrows by reportedly meeting with disgraced designer John Galliano. A source spotted her with a man who looked like the shamed designer while she visited Paris for Haute Couture Fashion Week.