The Daily Dan’s “Chic of the Week” Fete Kicked Off at Calypso St. Barth

This past Saturday, The Daily Dan hosted its first ‘Chic of the Week’ summer fete at the stunning Calypso St. Barth store in East Hampton. The store hosted a soiree chock full of editors and Hamptons celebrite/passersby, all of whom were treated to bubbly and delicious hors d’oeuvres like tuna burgers and shrimp carpacchio, courtesy of Beaumarchais East Hampton, whom catered the event.

Jack Yeaton, Angela Gilltrap (Daily Front Row), Gregory Littley, Alexander Patino (Bloginity), Mia Tucker Williams (Kenton Magazine)

While guests perused citron macrame maxi dresses, delicately beaded bracelets and the even more impressive assortment of home goods (When you go check out the store for yourself, look for the “Kanye Jaws” – you’ll know them when you see them), editors were kept busy with eyes peeled for the party’s best-dressed (One lucky man or woman will be crowned with the honor every week at each new event, followed by a feature the following week in The Daily Dan). Don’t want to miss out on the next ‘Chic of the Week’ party? Well you won’t have to. Here’s where you’ll find The Daily Dan team partying all summer:

Saturday, July 21, Magaschoni—2 Newtown Lane,
East Hampton 
[email protected]

Saturday, August 4, SCOOP—51 Newtown Lane,
East Hampton   [email protected]

Saturday, August 11, Juicy Couture—17 Newtown Lane,
East Hampton [email protected]

Saturday, August 18, Michael Kors—19 Newtown Lane,
East Hampton [email protected]