Interview: Catching Up With Evaline

by Julija Kaselyte

Photo by Joseph Petersen

Evaline is an exciting band with simple enough origins: six buddies from California who banded together for the love of music. They started performing in very modest settings until eventually they found themselves on big stages and famous venues. Since the beginning they’ve consistently kept making infectious sounds and holding the attention of people with their extraordinary collective talent.

Bloginity met with one of the Evaline’s core members, the band’s guitarist – Christian Lewis, and takes a peek into the highlights of band’s life, from gigs, to recordings and everything in between. Looks like the future’s bright for this Californian act – it’s a sure bet.

Julija: Could you give us a brief history of Evaline?

Christian: We started playing music together at a fairly young age and were all friends before we started playing in the band together. We have been through a lot of crazy years together and have been lucky enough to have some amazing people who have believed in us along the way. We are just a group of kids who started playing music in a garage and have been fortunate enough to continue on with it.

Julija: How would you describe your music to people?

Christian: I would say it’s a melodic rock. I usually just tell people it’s rock and then change the subject.

Julija: What are your memories about the days when you were recording your debut album Woven Material?

Christian: My memory seems to be getting so bad these days. I do remember it being an amazing experience. It was our first time recording a full length record and our first time being in England. We had so many good times and are so lucky to have gotten that experience. I think we’ve all matured as musicians and as people since then. It’s actually kinda funny thinking about how different everyone’s mindset was in those days.

Julija: And you were traveling a lot last year promoting the album too. What did you like about touring and what not? What places did you find to be the most fascinating?

Christian: I think the only time we don’t enjoy touring is when we have a bunch of super long drives to do. That mainly happens in the U.S. I found SE Asia to be the most fascinating place we’ve been. The shows we played there have been some of the most fun as well.

Julija: Which track on Woven Material do you enjoy the most playing live?

Christian: I think “There There” is my current favorite.

Julija: You are currently working on a new record. How it will be different from the previous one?

Christian: We are still at the very beginning stages of it, so it’s hard to say right now. Our goal is to maintain a lot of creativity, yet keep things a little more simple with the structure.

Julija: What are your dreams and goals as a band.

Christian: Just to be able to do this thing as long as we can and hopefully have a solid fan base around the world to play our music for.

Julija: How does music affect you?

Christian: It excites me. Listening to music and playing music are some of the very few things that can get me truly excited these days.

Julija: Where would you like to perform in the future?

Christian: Anywhere and everywhere possible. I would like to see as much of this world as I can while I’m here.