Giorgio Armani Shows Colorful Couture Line

The designer showed off his high-end label Privé at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week and showed he is still a force to be reckoned with.

First up came the daytime looks, with models wearing simple pants and jackets combinations. Most of the pants were loose, and teamed with long-length coats. The colors ranged from black and white to the palest lilac and baby blue. Peplums also got a look in, coming in silk at the bottom of tops with elbow-length sleeves.

As the show wore on the looks became increasingly evening inspired. So models boasted long coats to the knee with lapel detailing, or shorter jackets with structured shoulders – often coming in a different color to the rest of the cover up.

It was with the full-on evening pieces that Armani really shone. The pastel shades and easy tailoring gave way to jewel-hued pieces which were structured and born to be worn by the A-list on the red carpet.

Hot pink, midnight blue and deep purple all got a look in, with key looks including a floor-length sparkly purple gown. It featured long sleeves and a V which plunged straight to the navel and was accessorized with a stunning netted veil. The headpiece was covered in sparkles too – added to the evening 24-hours themes as they looked like twinkling stars.

Black velvet was also a big look, used in voluminous evening dresses which fell dramatically to the floor and had the same sequin detailing around the bust.

Among the stars to attend was Zoe Saldana, who was thrilled to be there. “It is not my first fashion show, but it’s my first Armani show,” she told WWD.