Girard-Perregaux Tourbillon with Three Gold Bridges

Would You Rather: Olympic Gold Medal vs. Girard-Perregaux Tourbillon with Three Gold Bridges?

There are watches, and then there are watches. Unless you’re from the planet Zog, you’d probably agree that the new “Tourbillon with Three Gold Bridges” by Girard-Perregaux falls into the latter category.

An updated iteration of the classic version that debuted 152 years ago, this piece features three signature styled brides and complex tourbillon escapement made of 41 mm 18k rose gold with option of shimmering diamond baguettes. The specific model stands as a limited collection of which only 50 pieces will ever be made. Perfection? Like world-class gymnast Shannon Miller’s floor routine in the 1992 Olympic games, it’s pretty close. (Olympic reference added, as the games begin in less than two weeks, of course.)

This immaculate wristwatch will cost would-be wearers upwards of $211,500; or, $406,500 if one opts for the diamonds. Yet how can you put a price on a flawless piece of history? I mean, if I had to choose between an Olympic gold medal and the Tourbillon, I’d choose the Tourbillon. Sure, Olympic medals are hard to come by. But so is the Tourbillon – plus, you won’t look weird wearing it to dinner parties.