Heidi Klum will fight until the “bitter end” for people she believes in

The two fashion stars appear on TV show Project Runway, which aims to find the next big designer.

Michael is renowned for using flamboyant language to critique the creations the hopefuls come up with and Heidi has insisted his speech isn’t put on.

“He just speaks that way, very vividly. He paints a picture with his words. Like he would say, ‘This sweater looks like a wildcat ripped it up and then threw it in the washing machine 50 times,’ or, ‘That looks like a genie’s wee-wee pad diaper.’ He says what most people are thinking but are too afraid to actually say,” she laughed. “I mean he always talks like that, not just on the show. Like when we have lunch and he talks about his anorexic cat who loves to eat tissue paper!”

The show is now in its tenth season and Heidi loves being a part of it. The only difficulty can come when she and her fellow judges don’t agree on an outfit.

It famously happened in the eighth series, when the model wanted Mondo Guerra to triumph. Many were shocked when the crown went to Gretchen Jones instead and Heidi has described what happened during the judges’ deliberation.

“I always go with my gut feeling, and I’m always fair. I root for the person who I believe is the best… If there’s someone I really, really believe in… I really will fight with them to get who I love until the bitter end,” she told WWD. “Sometimes I don’t succeed, like with Mondo for example. I really wanted him to win, but I got overruled. Jessica Simpson and I, we wanted Mondo, and Nina Garcia and Michael Kors wanted Gretchen. Then all the sudden they got Jessica on their side, so then it was three against one.”