Jason Wu hopes New Line shows off his “Sense of Femininity”

by Team Bloginity

Backstage at Jason Wu, Pre Fall 2012

Jason Wu “challenged himself creatively” with his new line.

The designer’s collection Miss Wu will launch in January 2013 but he’s happy to talk about it already. It’s aimed at a different consumer to his main line and is also cheaper. To ensure it looked different too, the designer decided to employ a totally new team.

“Six years after creating my own brand it’s been interesting for me to create a new brand. It’s still very deeply rooted in the Jason universe but it’s been really sort of nice coming from a different perspective now, versus six years ago, and to work with a whole new team of people. I worked with a different stylist, a different everything, just to challenge myself creatively,” he told Stylecaster.com.

Among the pieces on offer are shift dresses and A-line dresses as well as flowery skirts and jackets with bow detailing. In all there are 40 designs, ranging in price from $195 to $795.

Jason worked hard on the line, revealing it wasn’t something which he created quickly.

“It’s been quite some time in the making. I’ve been sort of wanting to expand my reach and we really looked at the growing contemporary market as somewhere I wanted to be a part of. I think what is on the market for this category has been a lot tougher – you know a tougher personality – and I always wanted to see what can I contribute to that world… I wanted to inject my sense of femininity into the contemporary market,” he said.