Karl Lagerfeld says Victoria Beckham’s designs are “not bad at all”

by Team Bloginity

The Chanel creative director took pictures of his fellow fashion designer in Paris this week, for an upcoming spread in a magazine.

He had nothing but praise for her when he was quizzed during an appearance in London.

“I’m a great admirer of hers. She’s a great example to tons of women; to have her four children, an incredible look and she’s clever. I know her from her days as a Spice Girl. Her designs are not bad at all, they’re good,” he told GraziaDaily.co.uk. “She’s totally unpretentious. She brought one of her sons with her on the shoot and he was the sweetest boy, because often children of celebrities aren’t pleasant. This boy was perfection.”

Karl was referring to Victoria’s son Romeo, who is known to have a key interest in fashion.

“He’s handsome, cute, polite. I know children of celebrities and I can tell you, you can keep them at home,” he laughed.

Karl’s cat Choupette has hit the headlines recently, after the designer admitted he’s based collections on her and eats with her.

He loves the attention the feline is getting and can’t help gushing about his pet.

“Choupette is fragile. She goes to the doctors every ten days to check her weight and see if everything is OK. She even has a personal maid,” he said.

“She’s very clever. Generally cats don’t speak but when she wants something, she just sits in front of it. It’s unbelievable.”