Lanvin’s 82-year-old Model

The creative director has hit headlines by casting real women in the label’s Fall/Winter 12 advertisements.

Among them is Jacquie ‘Tajah’ Murdock who is a former dancer. She dons a bottle green knee-length dress with peplum detailing in the images and has spoken about her experience.

“Alber Elbaz kept kissing me and saying, ‘I love you, I love you, I love you!’ He came to say goodbye to me and said, ‘Imagine if I never met you.’ He said, ‘What’s next?’ I said, ‘Paris, that’s what’s next!’ We’ll see,” she told

Originally, Jacquie was going to wear a strapless dress complete with a bow. She wasn’t sure about it as it was so short, so she was pleased when it didn’t fit and she got to wear another number.

She looks straight ahead with a serious expression on her face in the image and has explained why she opted for such a pose.

“You know why? I asked them, ‘Should I smile?’ And they didn’t tell me what to do,” she said. “The young lady that put my hair up in a French knot, she took some spray and started spraying it all around me, and I had allergies. Every time they took a photo, we had to get tissues because my eyes were running. I don’t even use hair spray. It affected my sinuses. In fact, I had lost my voice that night. That was an embarrassment for me. I didn’t know, I figured, when you see top models they aren’t grinning and smiling unless they are on the runway, so I just kept a serious look. They said, ‘You look like you’re mad,’ but I wasn’t, I was just serious.”

Alber decided to use women on different ages in the campaign to show how versatile the clothes are.