Lara Bingle “I’m Not a Hero”

Photo by Stephen Ward

Lara Bingle wants people to know she isn’t “saving the world” – she’s just a model.

The Australian star enjoys some aspects of working in fashion, although others she finds harder. Lara doesn’t think she will ever get used to be tailed by paparazzi wherever she goes.

“Yes, I live differently than a normal 25-year-old, but I’ve been given this life and just have to run with it. I’m not saving the world I am a model,” she told GQ Australia.

Lara appears in a reality TV show but still manages to maintain a private life. She insists that is essential for her mental wellbeing, as is the ability to indulge in hobbies away from the limelight.

“As much as it’s your life, it’s a job and I like to clock off at times and have other interests,” she said.

“During the week, the paparazzi are full on, but most Sundays I can pretty much run free and the paps don’t follow me too much at night. You need to keep some things sacred and off limits.”

The model is having fun with her TV program Being Lara Bingle, which she hopes will show people what she is really like. She is wary of being depicted as a fame-hungry model.

“I’m portrayed in a certain light in Australia and there’s a lot of frustration that comes with that for me,” she said. “The biggest incentive for doing this show was to make people realize who I really am.”