Lindsey Wixson Helps New Model

Lindsey Wixson and Madison Headrick bonded while they were in Paris for Haute Couture Fashion Week recently.

Photo by Terry Richardson

Lindsey Wixson helped a new model get over her loneliness at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week.

The model and Madison Headrick have both been signed by agency Marilyn and have had almost identical starts in their careers so far. The girls provided great comfort and company for each other during recent their time in the French capital.

“It was our first time hanging out! It was my first time traveling outside of the country alone and the first couple of days I was super lonely. My booker said, ‘Lindsey’s in Paris, y’all should meet up,’” Madison explained.

“It’s just weird how our paths crossed… we both signed with Marilyn, we’ve both done Prada, so it’s interesting how our careers are kind of similar in the beginning.”

In February, 18-year-old Madison signed with the New York based agency. As well as the solo traveling, other aspects of full time modeling have come as a learning curve for her so far.

“The one thing I had to get used to is dressing myself. My agency was like, ‘Your flare jeans and your rainbows aren’t that cool.’ I never really cared about what I looked like,” the fresh faced teen told NY Mag.

“So when I came to New York, I really didn’t know my style. But they helped me, they took me shopping.”