Miuccia Prada worries Italy’s fashion “glamour and fame” will soon be lost

Photography by Annie Leibovitz

Miuccia Prada worries Italy’s fashion “glamour and fame” will soon be lost.

The iconic designer is afraid that her country’s status as one of the fashion world’s most influential places will soon be dismissed because of the continued scattering of talent and high-end labels.

Miuccia doesn’t want Italy’s renowned lead in the industry to wane.

“With the sale of our luxury labels to foreigners, our entire system risks falling into second league,” she said in a rare interview with Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

“If our brands cross the borders, the credit, glamour, fame and decision-making is in the hands of others and we are abandoned, downgraded.”

Miuccia believes that influential designers have started to snub Italy in favor of Paris. The star named Raf Simons as an example. The Jil Sander designer regularly showed in Milan and was based in Italy but has now relocated to Dior in Paris.

“You can’t blame them,” she said, before adding Raf’s value will be “further emphasized” at the label.

Miuccia continued that she has chosen to show her Miu Miu line in Paris because she is also “looking for that attraction that is called glamour.”

“We live in a weak cultural world, we are a country that has never wanted to know how to protect and promote its immense landscape and artistic patrimony,” she added.